The calm before the storm..

I’m not sure if anyone else experiences this or not, but that brief period of absolute calm in your mind. Where nothing is severely bothering you, no problems are occurring, and you can actually sleep peacefully at night. Well, maybe some lower IQ human specimens may experience this -all- the time. But I mean that time right before something major happens and your mind is running 25/8. Yes 25/8, not 24/7 for God knows how long until things to relatively back to normal.

I find this time troubling more than the crazy thoughts going one hundred gazillion times per minute. Why, you may ask? Because I’ve obviously found out that this tranquillity is followed by absolute chaos in my dome. To the few people that actually know me, you may think (know) that I’m always in a constant state of chaos, whether it be my actions, my mind or both simultaneously. But disregard that for the moment. And take into account that if you think that I’m absolutely insane at some points, imagine just how bad the tempest raging in my mind is going to be for the next week or so.

For now though, my fellow bloggers, I’m going to just accept the fact that I’m calm at this moment. I’ll milk it for all it’s worth. Why shouldn’t I? Lord knows that I’m going to need to rest because once the craziness starts, I’m certainly going to be a wreck and beside myself with thoughts continuously moving around my mind. Ah well. C’est la vie. So longgg. Fair weelll.

xoxo, the little birdy.

p.s. Hello, Thomas. Who I know is reading this. :>


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