Vacation for this vacation.

So. I have been sick. Not just like achoo little sniffles. Like I'm talking a grumpy and miserable, sulking little birdy. Taking five pills every morning, then two to four more depending on how I'm feeling. My voice is rotten and of course it's worst on the day I wake up wanting to sing. I'm seriously going to need to recover from this vacation with another vacation. Hence why this is only the second blog I've written. I have done nothing worth mentioning except antagonizing the people that are only trying to make my cruise memorable.

This. Sucks. A lot.

I've been on one snorkeling adventure. All I did was float on a noodle and tried to fight the current that was slowly but surely drifting me further from the boat I'm supposed to stay near. One good thing that came out of this was that I got a boat full of salt water pushed straight up my nose and down my aching throat. It burned like fire then I felt loads better.

Lol fish have sex in that water.

Besides that I've slept more than I ever thought possible, ate enough for what I think could feed a small country (possibly Holland?) and played trivia. LOTS of trivia. Plus reading, but that doesn't surprise anyone. I miss having my normal life to make fun of and blog about.

Oh that reminds me. One of the 'mates' (ie first mates, whatever the others are called) was randomly touching the ice sculpture at the party I attended tonight. I found this horribly funny. Like knee slapping, snorting riot of laughter. Naturally when the party was over I stood in front of the sculpture (that was steadily melting into a blob) and touched it. Tracing my fingers over as many places as my family would allow.

I did enjoy being in Bermuda. It was neat. And now I can sorta say I've been to the UK. Next three days: St. Maarten (French/Dutch), St. Thomas (US) and Puerto Rico (US). Then two days of sailing the open sea and back to Newark. Then to my lovely state of Texas. Then (dangit) I start school for 5 weeks.

What's on my mind:
-Not looking forward to the end of August and the start of a new semester.
-I'm overly paranoid right now about being too blunt.
-I miss people.
-All these things correspond with one person.
-Now I'm officially dumb. Great.

I am rambling know, my bad yo. It'll be better possibly. I'm afraid there may be a chance I blog a lot less. Maybe a greater chance that I'll be blogging even more. Things are changing, I can feel it. I hope it's for the good. I'd take that even if things get harder and more complicated. What's the quote..

Grant me to serenity to accept the things I can't change,
The strength to change those I can,
And the knowledge to know the difference.

May not be exact but the thought is there. Everyone should keep this quote in mind right now, I sure will.

Welp that's all I have to share. Hopefully I'll be good as new in a few days time. Fully capable of breathing and back to my sarcastic self.

Miss yall bunches.
xoxo, the little birdy.

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Hello city that never sleeps, I’m the girl that never sleeps.

June 22nd @ 9:01pm New York time.
Sitting on the metro/PATH thing on my way back to Jersey. Of course I have no reception but even I got tired of finding inanimate objects to stare at so I figured I'd at least start some semblance to a blog. Especially considering all I've done today was post pictures. Granted they are relevant to my upcoming post BUT I still feel bad. So since I can't send this now, I'm time-stamping it. My stop is next, thankfully. And I may or may not continue writing when we get there. It may be later on or tomorrow, depending on if I get back to the hotel room and pass out or suddenly am full of energy. I figure I'll be awake enough to finish, or should I say start, my blog for today once I get out of these sneakers and put up my ginger fro. Oh and charge my phone. Who knew how much battery it took to calm my need to blog obsessively. Bb (as my BlackBerry will be referred to from here on out) has done its job well and I'm very proud to say that it has lasted this long. For those that understand, we're going on red here. And I've still got a cab ride to go. So tootles until I get some phone juice and some wine!

I can't believe I'm just now getting to this blog again. Shame on me. I was going to type furiously this morning on the metro but alas I was forced to stand the entire way and I have not relaxed since.. Last night. Got lots of Harry Potter exhibit and shopping done.

…Crap. I'll have to postpone this again.

I'm afraid this blog is going to be super unbalanced and cray cray as I like to say. Writing it at three different times is ridiculous. I apologize for the three different moods. Hopefully it's not horrible and confusing.

I'd like to start this blog by saying I LOVE NEW YORK CITY. The vastness of my love and adoration for this fascinating city is beyond comprehension for even me. Being a good ole country girl caused me to believe that I may be able to appreciate the people watching and huge buildings but never did I ever think I'd feel so enthusiastic standing on a crowded metro train, dodging between hurried businesspeople and running across the streets before I'm "supposed" to.

Another FAB thing I noticed was the magnitude of BlackBerrys! It like mothertrucking BBM galore. That's BlackBerry Messenger for you non-bb people. I know this isn't a big deal, but I do judge people by their smartphones. Sorry. So for those readers that go to my blog on their bb, special thanks to yall for being amazing!

Now I'm going to sound insane right now. But I love the show Gossip Girl. With a passion. I would live in that show if at all possible. I want to wear the clothes they wear and walk the streets they walk. And I totally could in NYC! I could not believe all the stores I went in. H&M, Necessary Clothes, Top Shelf, only to name a few. I spent my monies in many more than that. Sorry Mr Credit Card. The stores here hardly compare to Texas stores. The clothes that can be bought! It's heavenly. I swear angels were singing when I took my first step into a new shop.

My mom told me this happened and I have no reason to not believe it. But apparently two nights ago on the train ride back to Jersey, when I was writing the beginning of this blog. Or when was that.. Crap I don't even know anymore. But anyways, I was mad typing away on bb and for those that do not know, I can look around and type at the same time without stopping. But basically, apparently I was being watched. Every time I would left my head to take in the people for a brief moment, those people would look away so I never saw them do this. Only sensed them watching me. I'm quite fond of this story. I feel complete about this trip now that I was able to grab the attention of New Yorkers without the reason being because I got hit by a cab or tripped over my own feet.

Next noteworthy thing, subways: breeding grounds for dates. Having to sit over someone during crowded rides after work hours is bound to result in flirting if not a date. Or a few devious looks.. At least. I wasn't sure what to think about having to stand over this mildly attractive man in a white tank top and jean mini skirt. But I stared off and pretended not to be aware of the fact that I was all but straddling him by the second stop. I might have to try this out and 'accidentally' fall onto a nice looking man's lap.

A myth I once thought was that residents of NYC were not polite. How completely opposite people make yall seem! People were so kind and helpful to my confused family. Maybe it's just because of my mentality, maybe not. Regardless, it put a smile on my face seeing all the people.

All I have to say is that I would be more than happy to come back and visit this beautiful city when I'm older (21) and with friends (not family). Thanks for the adventure, New York, I couldn't have asked for more.

One last word for thought ..sorta, don't forget about my friend the Follow button. It does like to be touched you know. Go on, go click it. You know you want to >:D (especially now).

xoxo, the little birdy.

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Standing in the place of my ancestors.

Everything looks like it'll be big on the inside. But spaces are small. Being tall made it worse. So worth it though.

Enjoy this magnificent view. And I'd like to thank Thomas for rotating it for me since that appears to be the one thing my BlackBerry can't do. Or well. It can't save it after rotating. I don't know. I was super flustered though. All is well now!

xoxo, the little birdy.

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