Shoulder Riders

Let’s see. You cannot have the good without the bad. That includes EVERYTHING. Friends, relationships, family, life situations, etc. But I’m here to talk about one important thing: friendship. Now, what some of you probably won’t know is that I’m fairly religious. God is a big part of my life. I was born and raised Catholic and I intended to continue that tradition with my own family someday (when I have my own family).

What I mean by the “good without the bad” is this. There are angels and demons in the world. The way I see it, you cannot just believe in angels. You have to believe in their opposing forces as well: the demons. That’s just how life works, and that’s the most realistic way to think. Otherwise, my darlings, you are in for a big let down.

What I’m trying to say though is that you will have friends in your life that are good and bad for you. Some you may think are good for you but turn out bad. Some you might think are bad for you, and change your life in all the good ways possible.

I unfortunately have been in a position where I did not like a certain person for some of the things he thought were appropriate to say and were actually quite the opposite. Eventually I allowed myself to be more open minded to what he had to say (even if it was all disgusting and his behavior was childish). We became friends for a while, I did not argue when he disagreed with me, even though I could not say the same for him. Eventually I had had enough and told him to stop trying to change me or stop being my friend. He refused to pick, so I picked for him. I have not spoken to him since more than to tell him to leave me the heck alone with his nonsense. What I’m getting at is that while this person is not good for me, he made me a better person. He made me realized who I am, what I want, and who my true friends are. For that I am thankful. He won’t even accept this, but that’s alright. I’m the most stubborn person you’ll ever meet.

Normally I wouldn’t write about any of this lovey-dovey gush stuff just cause that’s so 1990’s, but I had to make an exception. Because I have to honor this person that has made my life better, changed me in ways I couldn’t have imagined and helped me through thick and thin. They are my angel, helping me defend myself against my demons. For anonymity’s sake, I’m not giving out any names, but I’d reckon once they are reading this they will they who they are. For all anyone knows, I could mean more than one person. I know I said “they” and “my angel” but please just go with me on this one. I’d like to give my thanks to all these people without going overboard. I don’t want to bore you to death.

As for last nights post, I’m both terribly sorry for that and glad I wrote it. I hope that it’s strong and powerful enough to help people do this for their own selves, but not specific to one situation that no one else would understand. That is what I strive for, after all. To have people understand me based on their own experiences and hopefully help a few people along the way.

On a completely other note, I’m going on vacation with my family tomorrow morning. I hope to have time to share my trip with yall along the way, but the blogs will be posted in clusters, whenever I have cellular reception and can email in posts. These next two weeks will be different kinds of posts, I believe. Mixture of what all I’m doing, talking about the people I’m meeting, and the things I’m doing. Hopefully through me, you’ll want to go out and change your life, or even someone else’s. Travelling is good for you. It rounds out a person and grounds them in a way that can’t be put into writing. So try it. I tell anyone that asks, that I would give anything to be able to travel to all different countries even if it’s just for a little while. I’d like to see how others live and see if I can bring some of my traditions to them and even bring some of their’s home with me.

xoxo, the little birdy.


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