It's funny now that I'm sitting at my gate waiting to board my flight. But you know those people that just are never able to fully grasp that METAL will set off the METAL DETECTORS? Yeah I got stuck behind a few of them. In and out, in and out. Hello people, take all your shit out of your pockets. I'm 19 years old and I'm smart enough to know how to go through airport security properly. I mean, yeah my dad is a hardass and has all but beaten the rules and procedures into me, but really. Grown adults should know better. And they should tell their own offspring what to do so us competent passengers can go on our way to get a breakfast taco and coffee.

Seriously. Don't get between my breakfast taco and me. Someone will get hurt and I can guarantee it will not be me 🙂

Hahahaha. Okay so now people are lining up in their respective order to actually board the plan. [Don't worry I'm completely capable of multitasking. Plus my dad forgot to early-bird check in yesterday morning. For those that know anything about him, the whole thing is completely absurd!] I cannot stand when people do not get in line. You can change order with your family, that's different. BUT DO NOT CUT ME IN LINE. I will fight people for an aisle seat. I have to be able to see what's happening. You do not want this girl panicking because she's trapped against the window and can't talk to unsuspecting strangers.

On a completely unrelated note. Am I the only one that has noticed the amounts of gorgeous business men on the red eye flights heading off to another major city for a meeting? Cause I definitely couldn't NOT notice. 😉 break me off a piece of that ehhh. Hahah. Anyways.

Once again I'd like to thank my readers. Keep reading! It only makes me want to write more.

xoxo, the little birdy.

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