Vacation for this vacation.

So. I have been sick. Not just like achoo little sniffles. Like I'm talking a grumpy and miserable, sulking little birdy. Taking five pills every morning, then two to four more depending on how I'm feeling. My voice is rotten and of course it's worst on the day I wake up wanting to sing. I'm seriously going to need to recover from this vacation with another vacation. Hence why this is only the second blog I've written. I have done nothing worth mentioning except antagonizing the people that are only trying to make my cruise memorable.

This. Sucks. A lot.

I've been on one snorkeling adventure. All I did was float on a noodle and tried to fight the current that was slowly but surely drifting me further from the boat I'm supposed to stay near. One good thing that came out of this was that I got a boat full of salt water pushed straight up my nose and down my aching throat. It burned like fire then I felt loads better.

Lol fish have sex in that water.

Besides that I've slept more than I ever thought possible, ate enough for what I think could feed a small country (possibly Holland?) and played trivia. LOTS of trivia. Plus reading, but that doesn't surprise anyone. I miss having my normal life to make fun of and blog about.

Oh that reminds me. One of the 'mates' (ie first mates, whatever the others are called) was randomly touching the ice sculpture at the party I attended tonight. I found this horribly funny. Like knee slapping, snorting riot of laughter. Naturally when the party was over I stood in front of the sculpture (that was steadily melting into a blob) and touched it. Tracing my fingers over as many places as my family would allow.

I did enjoy being in Bermuda. It was neat. And now I can sorta say I've been to the UK. Next three days: St. Maarten (French/Dutch), St. Thomas (US) and Puerto Rico (US). Then two days of sailing the open sea and back to Newark. Then to my lovely state of Texas. Then (dangit) I start school for 5 weeks.

What's on my mind:
-Not looking forward to the end of August and the start of a new semester.
-I'm overly paranoid right now about being too blunt.
-I miss people.
-All these things correspond with one person.
-Now I'm officially dumb. Great.

I am rambling know, my bad yo. It'll be better possibly. I'm afraid there may be a chance I blog a lot less. Maybe a greater chance that I'll be blogging even more. Things are changing, I can feel it. I hope it's for the good. I'd take that even if things get harder and more complicated. What's the quote..

Grant me to serenity to accept the things I can't change,
The strength to change those I can,
And the knowledge to know the difference.

May not be exact but the thought is there. Everyone should keep this quote in mind right now, I sure will.

Welp that's all I have to share. Hopefully I'll be good as new in a few days time. Fully capable of breathing and back to my sarcastic self.

Miss yall bunches.
xoxo, the little birdy.

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