If only I had a voice, I coulda woulda shoulda sang. But I didn’t.

As my waiter so eloquently put it, "Don't forget to share, but don't share too much." I LOVE this more than anyone could fathom. I do not like the quote: "Sharing is caring". Complete lies! Though that's a whole other story that I do not care to get into.

A big issue I noticed while on this cruise was table manners or maybe manners in general.. Mind yall, I'm a head thrown back, booming laughter kinda girl so I probably get my own fair few of frowns from people at times. But I'm talking about people that talk through speeches, openly (and loudly) complain about the most juvenile things, and belittle people. It's like cxjvzhjdksavhdk times infinity to me. I suppose it's the way I was brought up, maybe I was just born in the wrong era (I'm thoroughly convinced this must be the case..). But regardless I can't help but turning and giving some of those people the Death Stare as my friends have named the look I give. It's been said that the most confident of manly men will bow down to me should I give him this look. Pure. Terror.


I have to boast about the most beautifully gorgeous spectacular amazing (the list goes on) ring that I bought! It's a Jackie Kennedy collection. A huge ruby surrounded by the most sparkliest of sparkly crystals. Everyone I showed that knows even anything about me knows it was practically made for me. I have not taken it off since I bought it. Even though I was in neon yellow tie dye shorts and shirt that has been worn and washed so many times the logo on the front is barely distinguishable. I also found out that I'm not too distantly related to the Kennedys. Crazy, eh?! I was pleasantly surprised. I think.. Four or five names removed? I mean that's a lot of people but comparatively, it's pretty awesome.

So I made friends with this guy. Andrew. He was nice. I hung out with his dad, his uncle and himself for most of one day then a little into that night. A day went by where I only briefly saw the uncle, made fun of the fact that he was wearing the same exact outfit from the day before (…) but other than that, nothing. Then one evening I'm sitting at dinner, all dressed up and laughing hysterically at something that a normal person would only find slightly amusing, when I get a tap on my shoulder. Now I should explain that my back is against a wall and I'm at the far edge of the dining room so I couldn't possibly be snuck up on. I mean the waiters knew me by name so it couldn't be them, startled I flung around to see who could have possibly gotten by me. It was Andrew. My family went silent. I never expected to actually see him again. He had the nerve to ask me if I remembered him, of course I did, and then continued to talking to me like I wasn't at a formal dining table eating dinner with my family. After a few tense moments he walks off and I turn back to the table, immediately grabbing my glass of wine to put off answering the sudden inflow of questions from my family. Apparently I had had much more of an impression on the fella than I had previously believed. I was beyond red. Crimson. My fingers tingled as the blood flew rapidly to my cheeks. Alright maybe not thaaat bad but I was beyond capable of making coherent sentences. The whole thing was incomprehensible and I really didn't know what to do in situations like that. Never have I ever been ambushed in a dining room! First time for everything I reckon.

Only one crazy thing happened. We had to turn the ship around. TURN THE SHIP AROUND. The captain told us we would be four hours late! Heavens! That's past when my plane is due to leave for Texas. Luckily we went at top speed and we're set to be on time. I know a few people that would be worried. A few people that probably wouldn't notice. A few that I hope freaked out. And a few that I was sad I'd not get to talk to early in the morning. Alas all is well and I'll be up bright and early.

Anyways, tonight is the last night aboard this huge vessel of sailing. It was good. It was bad. It was life. I'm both glad it was over and wish it could last longer. It happens. I'm off to have a shower so I can put my suitcases into the hall before 11pm and then to gong karaoke. No Thomas I'm not singing, my voice isn't working properly. I sound too nasally, among other things.

I bid yall adieu until I'm back in the States. (Even if I'm not sending this til I'm technically back, but just go with me on this. I'm still in the middle of nowhere at this precise moment that I'm writing this to you lovely people).

xoxo, the little (very tanned) birdy.

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