Nomnomnom I eat your soul.

February 2004: The end of the world.. Jay kay, the launch of Facebook. But really, it was pretty much the end of a lot of things. Kids became OBSESSED. I personally was 12 and didn’t even know what Facebook was let alone how to use it. I was barely capable of keeping my MySpace up and running. I spent my days at school and nights designing layouts for others and myself because I didn’t see any other point for the website [I mean everyone knows how shitty it was. So slow and it was always crashing, no one wants that, gah]. Then one day someone convinced me to make a Facebook. I was tentative at first. I mean, I didn’t even have to have a layout, what the heck kind of social networking site was this? But I did it. And I was hooked immediately, much like the other gazillions of people that started using it. I was so absorbed with finding all my “real friends” that I lost my touch with reality. Not that I was the only one. I was just a late bloomer so I didn’t have the cover of everyone else doing it to make it seem less ..dramatic.
Now it’s seven years later and while Facebook is still going strong, it is losing it’s appeal. I mean no one wants their mother seeing the tagged photos of a drunken Friday night where you went bar hopping and took your top off for a free shot. It has become a place where if you wouldn’t say/do it in front of your grandmother about it, you can’t post it on there. So while I used to post “Robyn is . . .” and tell everyone what I was up to, now that isn’t even considered normal. I would be a social outcast for even considering it. I log onto my Facebook and it’s like “So-and-so is such a stupid bitch!!” or “ohmugawd i wish u ppl wuld stop with all ur stupid drama… gawsh.” Like really people. Yall are adults, act like it. We left middle school a while ago.
BUT TO MAKE IT EVEN BETTER, you have all the older generation of adults playing those games on Facebook and checking in on their kids [hey , how r u doing 2day?]. Things are not looking up. We taught our parents this people, we need to reverse the effects immediately to prevent permanent damage to everyone.
So now I’ve got complaining about futile things, parents being nosey, and the constant stream of “Jim-bob’s dad needs wood for his barn!” continuously flooding my News Feed. There is nothing enjoyable about that. Time to move onto something better guys, Facebook is out.
Now to the actual point I was originally going to make. But first I have to just lay out the facts.
Microsoft bought Skype.
Google launches Google+.
Microsoft and Facebook team up to “out-do” Google.
Now that everyone is brought up to date. REAL MATURE GUYS. So now we’ve got multiples of all the same programs being used when the originals were perfectly fine. We have Skype, do we really need Facebook video chat? We have Facebook, do we really need Google+? As my lovely friend Thomas said, “It’s like I’m back in high school and all the popular girls are trying to out-do each other again.” Funnily enough, I’m actually on Skype right now with him and he said that and I was like LOLOLOL can I put that in my blog. So I did. Cause it sums up how I feel about all this pretty simply. And it’s easy to understand.
So Google, Microsoft, and Facebook: put on your big girl panties and grow up. If you’re going to try to up one another, at least be original. We’re tired of the same stuff. We want something new. I’m sure there’s someone hiding out in those companies that are capable of fulfilling our desires even if the CEO’s aren’t.
xoxo, the little birdy.

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