Stop requested

I would just like to start this blog by giving a small eulogy to my late betta fish, Chuck. I had him for nine months. It was a good nine months. He was very spoiled and such. Alas, I left him to go on vacation for a few weeks in hopes that I would return to him in the same condition but that was not the case. So, he died last night. Probably painfully, but I’m going to hope that that was not what actually happened. So here’s to you Chuck, I love youuu. RIP. ❤

Now to the point at hand. PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. I know, I love it, but I also hate it. Like why does it change depending on the season. Well on my university campus, at least. How confusing. I’m sitting at the stop just waiting for the bus to get there. When, 35 minutes later, after three buses were supposed to have stopped there, one shows up. I’m so upset at this point because it would have been faster to just walk to the garage where I parked my pickup, but no, I was determined, so I waited. That night I’m hanging out with my future roommate (who also got us tickets for the Harry Potter Marathon and the midnight premiere in 3D, which should say a lot), when I asked her about the buses that run on campus. Here is when I find out that the schedule is actually completely different over the summer.
However, I have a good quote that my lovely friend Thomas said while I was growing increasingly frustrated over the fact that a bus had not yet arrived to take me to the closest stop to the parking garage. He made me giggle like a mad woman when he said, “Welcome to the world of public transportation, where being late is more a rule than an exception.” I knee slapped for far longer than necessary, but nothing bad about a nice laugh after being so perplexed about the tardiness of my bus.
Luckily for my, my prof seems to time her lectures based on when the bus comes (every 30 minutes), so I have yet to have to wait for half an hour. Bite my tongue, I probably just jinxed my self. KNOCK ON WOOD OR A VIRGIN’S HEAD. Derp. Hopefully this continues. I really don’t want to walk in the 100 degree Texas heat for 20 minutes to get back to my pickup when I can easily hop on a nice air conditioned bus to take me there instead.
Here is where Thomas makes some joke about how lazy I am. D:
So yeah. I’ve even become accustomed to actually pulling the little cord thing to announce that I would like to be let off the bus. I was a hot mess of anticipation the first time I might have had to pull it because no one else was going to. I’d get all hot faced from blushing and awkwardly look around. Now, however, I get so mad if someone pulls it before I do. I guess that’s how these things work. Or I’m just insane. You take your pick.
OHOHOH, awkward eye contact with the bus driver? I am sooo good at that. It’s like an art form.
Okay random thoughts are done, I’m going to go back to my Skype call where I’ve been rudely ignoring Thomas for the length of time for which it took me to write this.
xoxo, the little birdy.
PS: I am overdosing on Harry Potter tomorrow, you have permission to be jealous.

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