I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good.

For those that do not know, I have a mild (okay fine, all consuming) obsession with Harry Potter. I know the most random of trivia about the books and movies. This makes me happy. In ways most could not begin to fathom. But I’m alright with this. I’ve accepted it. I always knew I was different.. I still say I should have gotten my letter when I was 11, life is so not fair.

Anyways! The last two days I have spent my time at the theater watching the hp movies for the last time on the big screen. Sadly I missed the first and fourth because of class and a test I had to study for. Then I saw the midnight premiere of the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (in 3D). It was magical. I cried like a baby. The end.

Hhahaha yeah right. Basically the issue I seemed to continuously be faced with was the fact that people in this marathon felt the painful need to laugh and cheer and such. I know most of yall have seen these movies before. Calm the f down! I know it’s hp and I love the books and movies, but this isn’t new! Save your energy for the final movie! Christ’s sake. I just wanted to overdose on hp after my fish died and instead I’m faced with the overwhelming urge to punch people in their throats. By the sixth and seventh movie, where people have cheered like maniacs and acted like all around fools, I was terrified that people were going to be that obnoxious during the final movie.

Now yes, they were annoyingly loud and yes, I did miss far too much of the movie because I couldn’t hear over all their noise, but at least people were silent when silence was deserved. The only sounds were the faint movements of fingers brushing away tears and sniffles. This included everyone. Men, women, children alike. In tears. Now I have never in my life shed actual tears in a movie, but I did. Then I’d calm down. But right after I’d start crying again because I realized hp was done! No more book releases (though those ended a while ago), no more midnight premieres, no more dressing up, no more dorking with my friends about hp. Life as I know it has ended. What else is there to live for but HARRY FREAKING POTTER.

Now that I’m done with the melodramaticness of that.. I should tell yall about my experience with this lady in the theater that was obviously a poser hp fan. I’m being lazy and copying this from my fb conversation with the lovely Bailey (whose tumblr is linked conveniently on the right side of this page). A little boy ran across the aisle in front of me, proclaiming that he had seen a Death Eater in the lobby. She quickly asked if he knew the appropriate spell to defeat them. This lady told a boy the wrong spell saying “Expecto Patronus” would get rid of a Death Eater. I calmly looked at her and told her that was a dementor. I should have told her that a Death Eater would laugh in your face if you did that. ): I then had to tell her what the “wand wave away flick thing” was Expelliarmus. And no, that wouldn’t do much for you against a Death Eater because you’re no where near as amazing as Harry James Potter. People these days! Know your Harry Potter or gtfo.

I miss Harry Potter already. Of course I’m going to go see the movie again. How could I not. My children will one day read the books that I grew up with, will appropriately be Sorted into Slytherin (though I won’t love them less if they go into Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, probably a little less if it’s Hufflepuff though.. I mean all that comes out of Hufflepuff is sparkly vampires!), and most importantly love these books! They’ll never die. I’m going to make sure of that. As are many of my fellow hp lovers out there.

Now that this is all said and done, the only thing left to say is: Mischief managed.

xoxo, the little birdy.

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