Wanna hear a joke? College football.

Anonymous said…Write about your opinions on the scandals in NCAA football lately, and whether you feel it is endemic or a series of isolated incidents.August 18, 2011 5:42 PM

Unfortunately, I don’t actually know that much about this topic. And I’m definitely not going to claim to be an expert on football, college or professional. Mostly I just dress up to support my college and scream until I cannot scream any more in the stadium and at the television in my home. I also got trapped into participating in Fantasy Football which I’m horrified to even admit, but what can I do, say sweet words and how could I ever say no?! However, my first initial opinion and reaction to this question is that they need to grow up, put their big girl panties on and get the heck over it. I’m sorry, that may be blunt, but they’re being ridiculous and this has lasted just far too long. 
I wouldn’t say this was isolated incidents, but they’re all acting like children. I guess it’s hard to blame them really, football players aren’t exactly the most manly of men in my opinion. Sure they’re sexy and have hot bodies but they’re so incredibly high maintenance! I don’t even take that long to get ready. It’s pretty sad. 
Basically, this is what I know. [I’m sorry in advance for the excessive sarcasm.] The term I heard for this first thing is the “Ponzi Circle”. Basically, one person claims to promise a 20% return, if $1,000 is invested. The person agrees, and that money is taken. Then the same thing happens to another person, but this time the money received from them is partially given to the previous person. Basically, this circle will end and it will end badly. Eventually someone will say no and then there won’t be new money coming in. Retards. 
Then there is the whole Florida thing. Is it just me, or does Florida just ruin everything? Apparently some college football players are being paid to play football for a university? Cool. Again: retards. Must we bribe and corrupt them so early? Can’t we at least wait until they’re drafted into the NFL? Like really, as if the world isn’t sucky enough. Now we’ve got college football players being all cocky cause they’re getting dirty money. NFL players are plenty bad enough with their scandals. 
Now to my home territory. Apparently Texas A&M is threatening to get into the SEC because t.u. [yes, it is t.u.] is getting its own channel. This I find hilarious. Completely. Hilarious. Since there’s no way to fill that channel 24/7, people are going to end up following around the players for that awful school in Austin. I’m pretty sure Mack Brown has enough issues to deal with regarding his players. I’m quite sure he doesn’t want paparazzi following them around and recording their every move. Sure, it’ll be a real knee-slapper to watch, but that’s going to be a bitch to cover up all of the crap they do. It’s bad enough as it is, remember? 
Finally, I’ll end this blog with saying: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not ruin college football for me. I love it. It is my life and soul during the fall. While I sadly will probably not get to go to every home game at my university, I’ll still be clinging to my phone for constant updates while I’m away from the television. NFL has long since been a constant stream of fail in my opinion, so why not keep college football the way it is, instead of allowing it to follow in the professionals’ footsteps. I swear I’ll beg if I have to.
I hope this answers you thoroughly. (: Thanks for the question! I really appreciate it.
xoxo, the little birdy.

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