The Best Kinds of Role Models

I was just tweeting for fun today, not really expecting my role model (Courtney Kerr [@thecourtneykerr]) to EVER in my wildest dreams actually respond to me! But she did, as seen in the picture to the right of this typing. I actually have her blog being sent to my RSS Feed on my BlackBerry. I don’t think that’s weird, is it? I’m hoping that by reading her posts, some part of her fashionista abilities will one day be absorbed by my body so that I don’t look like a bum on most days that I get up and get dressed to go do something.
This was like.. My most amazing dream come true. Well sorta. I never would have expected it to happen. I didn’t even think about trying. Still, I was so excited. I don’t know how much yall even know about Courtney Kerr, but she was on Most Eligible Dallas on Bravo (which, of course, I never missed an episode. I died to get to see her outfits every week.) What I love even more about her? She uses tumblr: HOW MANY CELEBS DO YOU KNOW THAT DO THAT. AND OFTEN? I know zero. At least I never cared to find out if any did, cause for the most part “famous” people annoy the shit out of me. Courtney Kerr though? Hell to the no. I swear if I lived a few hours farther north and had a little tiny bit of any kind of fashion sense, her and I would def be biffles. I’d continue to talk about just how amazing she is, but I don’t really want to share my role model with anyone. Go find your own. 
There’s so much WIN about this picture that I had to post it of her. I hope it’s not too creepy that I did this. But, I really love it. Wavy hair [check], chunky necklace [check], three-quarter sleeves [check], and cow hide [check]. Yep she has the whole package, at least in my opinion. Something I strive to accomplish on most days of my life. Unlike today where I’m wearing a grungy tshirt and Soffe shorts. Who cares though, I’m not going anywhere. Just studying.. I rather be romping around in some fabulous place (maybe New York City…?) wearing beautiful clothes and killer heels. Alas, my day dreams will have to wait to become reality until I’m finished with school and have those kinds of opportunities. All I know is that when I grow up, I want to be just like Courtney Kerr. But keep my red hair, of course 🙂 
Now for my next goal: retweeting this post that goes to my twitter in hopes that maybe Courtney Kerr will actually read it, possibly subscribe to my blog, and if God is being generous, following me on twitter! Keep your fingers crossed, yall! I will be one happy camper if any of these happen.
xoxo, the little birdy.

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