i heart boobies!

Now I’m still trying to get a hang of this whole WordPress thing, since I’m still used to using Blogger. So pardon my random posts and nothing of real importance. I’m striving (for Lent, along with other things), to post more blogs and let yall feel the love I have for ..well whatever I love that particular today.

I got these headphones because proceeds support breast cancer research. Someone told me the “i heart boobies!” thing was Lady Gaga’s and I was pleasantly surprised. I still don’t support her, mostly because she scares me, but breast cancer research is something I will always support. Not just because I’m a girl and I’ve got my own set, but because that’s a hard situation to go through and should I one day be diagnosed, I don’t want to regret never putting a little of my own effort into the cure.

Stay sassy, y’all. 😉


sass back

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