Pretty handwriting isn’t everything

There’s one thing that terrifies me: telling people they’re wrong, and being 100% serious about it. At least when it’s an authority figure. I mean if the person is a complete moron, then I think it’s perfectly fine to tell the they’re incorrect. I should probably back track a little bit, because that  was a rather random comment to start a blog about. So here goes nothing:

Wednesday I got my Calculus exam back with my grade. It said 72. Naturally, I went into a full-on panic. Holy Mother of all that is good in the world, how did I get a 72 on my Calculus exam? Where did I go wrong? How could this be possible? Hundreds, if not thousands, of thoughts were swarming through my head. Eventually I started beating myself up and just sat sulking in my next class. I had already gone over the problems I had supposedly missed, and had yet to be able to figure out where I went wrong. Then I remembered: my prof put the exam answers onto her website! So after painfully waiting for my university’s wifi to connect because AT&T generally sucks where I live, I managed to pull up the page. It was like fireworks were going off around me. I hadn’t actually gotten a 72. I had gotten a 90. My prof mismarked three of my answers and I was just not going to have that. I immediately emailed my prof, as if I had any other choice, and so began the wait. I had about 48 hours before I would get my points back, and I’m pretty sure that was the longest freaking 48 hours of my entire life. I didn’t even sleep more than three hours that night. I was stressed beyond words. I was terrified that my prof would claim that I had changed my answers after seeing my grade, but luckily I didn’t fill in my answers until after I was done solving every single problem and was certain that I had the correct answer. My prof did end up giving me all the points I had earned, but not after I stumbled over my words and over all made myself look like a fool while she checked out my exam.

Regardless, I’ve learned a few things. While yes I do have really nice handwriting, I should be much more careful when it comes to examinations. My D’s look like b’s. And if I stress myself out enough, I can make it through an entire day in roughly three hours of sleep.


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