Dear life, I’ll see you in a few weeks

THIS is how I feel at this precise moment:

Depressing, right?

Over the next two weeks, I have five exams as well as numerous assignments and other things that I have to complete as well, all while continuing to hold myself together and not scream at the first person that unfortunately asks me a stupid question. I’m sitting here, waiting for my motivational juices to start working, so I decided I’d post this. To see how people react, maybe?, or well.. Which of the two do y’all pick? Obviously I pick sleep and good grades. I don’t have much of a social life beyond tweeting and talking to people in classes and random strangers on the street. It’s probably pathetic, but I like to keep to myself, which ultimately also keeps me out of trouble; something I definitely need to be aware of doing.

While I’m nowhere near the point of breaking, I’ve already gone over what I have to do for the next two weeks, and I can assure y’all, it’s going to be crazy. And probably painful. I may cry and wish I wasn’t in school or taking so many hours. But isn’t it worth it? Working hard to be successful and meet my goals I’ve so painstakingly formulated for myself? I think with all the emotions that will inevitably be surging through my body over the next two weeks, blogging about how I’m handling myself, may be smart. Or at least keep me from imploding silently in my favorite corner of the library.

Okay to the point I was going to make! I want everyone to answer my poll, so I can see how my college readers (past, present and future) handle these times I’m in.

Thanks for y’alls help!

Stay Sassy. XOXO


sass back

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