Happy Leap Day!

So this day comes around about every four years or so right? Haha I’m so funny. Honestly I have absolutely zero coherent thoughts right now except my random spew of nonsense that gets posted to Twitter. I’m basically brain-dead from the amount of studying and exam taking and not sleeping I’ve been doing. And it’s only Wednesday. Did you know that? It’s only freaking Wednesday. And that just sucks.

Friday before Spring Break could not possibly come fast enough (and hopefully include A’s on the rest of my exams). Even better is that my last class the Friday before Spring Break is cancelled, already. But I’m not supposed to admit that or something. Too bad I don’t really care.

So long story short, there is no real point to this blog post. It’s just ..releasing whatever energy I have left from today maybe. Or something. Is this even making sense? If I have to ask that, that’s probably a good sign that I need to stop blogging right this instant.

I don’t know if this is just me, but … Am I the only one that thinks blogging is sorta like talking to yourself? Cause that’s how I feel right now. Like I’m talking to myself. And if I was saying these things (not even counting that I’d be actually talking to myself which is just questionable in itself), I’d probably either be a) locked up, b) heavily medicated, c) scare away everyone, or d) all of the above. 

At this moment, I’m okay with whatever.

Today is the last day of February, which means March is tomorrow, which means St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! On that note, I’m going to high tail it out of the library and relax. Bottoms up!

Stay sassy. XOXO


sass back

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