Not Everyone Can Be Five Foot Ten

As I am waiting outside of my classroom for the last few people to trickle out, I hear a girl mutter, “Not everyone can be five foot ten.” Intrigued, I turn to look at what the fuss is about. What I find is a petite girl, maybe six inches shorter than my 5’9″ stature. I notice her tugging at her yoga pants, trying to make them shorter to fit her short legs. Without skipping a beat, I respond, “Having pants that are too long is way better than having pants that are too short.” The look on her face told me she thought otherwise.

On went this conversation, where she proclaimed that having holes in the bottom of her pants is trashy and I replied with the fact that she could solve that problem by hemming her pants and fitting them to her height. I told her that you couldn’t add length to short pants, but you could make long pants shorter. Apparently hemming her pants is just entirely too much work for her, and having holey pants was still just out of the question, but she could ever come up with an argument about why long pants were worse than short pants.

I have no idea why I wasted my time having this conversation. Honestly, I had no desire to defend my stance that having too short pants was worse than having pants that are too long, it is just something about people who feel like they have it the absolute worst in life, but really their “issues” could be resolved if they just got over themselves stopped to hear their options.

However, I do still contest that if you are going to complain about having trashy looking pants with holes in them, either hem them or shut up. I would love to have pants that I could tailor to fit the length of my legs perfectly. I have found that Miss Me jeans do meet the length I prefer, but dropping $115 for a pair of jeans hurts my bank account.

I would love to hear what you think about this topic (just for funsies):