Books on books on books!

I’m one of those people who can get completely absorbed in a good book, and any chance of pulling me out of my reverie will be almost impossible. If I’m being honest, and I am, I’m also one of those people who can become distraught with separation anxiety after I finish an extremely good book. I get that involved in the lives of the characters. And I’m absolutely, 100% okay with this part of me.

I also do not take book reviews lightly. So I have decided to pull together is a collection of books that I deem to be completely worth your time and even more worth the emotions that are to follow the books’ endings. This collection will constantly be a work in progress and I so look forward to getting to add more and more books to the list! I don’t have many listed at present time, simply because if I remembered every book I ever enjoyed, I wouldn’t have enough memory for anything else.

As I add more books, I will “review” them if you may, or something along those lines. Basically, let y’all know that I have added another book or two or three.

sass back

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