meet robyn

 lifestyle blogger · nursing student

 a 22 year old, redheaded, texas native and current nursing student that is blessed with getting the opportunity to make an impact on other peoples’ lives. robyn is obsessed with wearing pearls, blogging, and yoplait 100 calorie strawberry greek yogurt. she is an overly organized slob who loves color coordinating but hates folding clothes.

after blogging for other websites for a couple of years, robyn embarked on the mission to bring life into her personal blog. what started as a means of venting frustrations became an outlet for fashion, lifestyle, and creativity. eventually this morphed into sharing her faith, learning from her mistakes, and appreciating the little things in life.

nursing school is definitely a hot topic for robyn right now. she currently holds interests in becoming a labor and delivery, neonatal intensive care unit, or pediatrics nurse. changing lives and making an impact is far more important to her than simply doing a job.

sass back

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