Don’t You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Nerdy Like Me?

As I walk up to the library in which I regularly spend my time yesterday (Saturday) morning, it dawns on me that there are maybe all of three people, not including employees, at the library. It wasn’t that early, around 11 am, and it got me thinking. 

Well first of all, I acknowledged that I spent my Friday (12:30 pm – 7:30 pm) stranded in my little study cubby at the exact same library. I began to wonder if it was as vacant the day before as it was that morning. And I realize, yes, it was. Then I wonder why?

Suddenly, it dawns on me: “Normal” people don’t spend their Friday nights studying the anatomy and physiology of the human body, they’re out partying. 

Okay, I can accept that. 

Then I begin to wonder about why people aren’t at the library then, though. Eventually I come to the realization that everyone else is sleeping off their drunken stupor from the night before. Whereas I was at home, nursing my exhausted brain and self medicating with red wine while watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules.

What better way to shut my brain down than to watch grown women shriek and curse at one another? That’s my kinda party. Wink wink.

I started wondering if maybe I was doing this whole college experience thing wrong. I rarely (I won’t say never) drink in excess, I don’t exploit myself to the opposite sex, and I basically spend what ever time I’m not in class or at the library laying in bed, watching television and or reading. Oh and of course eating Popchips and string cheese while drinking what ever cheap wine I happened to purchase at my local grocery store that week.

After spending nine hours at the library that day (Saturday), I was mentally and physically exhausted. Mentally, because my prof is kind of an idiot and shouldn’t be allowed near influential people with a 20 foot pole thus I’m forced to teach myself. Physically, because the amount of moving I had the option of doing that day was very minimal. There’s really only so much dancing and waving your arms around that you can do in a study cubby. I sure as heck was’t going to go into the main area of the library. People would have thought I had lost my damn mind (which may actually have been on the verge of happening, unfortunately). 

But here’s the kicker: after spending 16.5 hours of the last two days in the library, I still ended up back at the library today (Sunday), finishing what I had been working on during those 16.5 hours along with studying and preparing for two other exams.

I should mention that I have a total of FOUR exams to take, a paper to turn in, a project to complete and turn in, and being Confirmed into the Catholic Church all squished into Monday through Wednesday of next week.

As I’m drawing this post to a close, I realize that I’m not really missing out on anything. Drinking excessively, contracting sexually transmitted diseases and (most importantly) failing exams, assignments, papers or even classes is NOT the college experience I want to be having. 

So while I may seem like a complete nerd for spending my entire weekend in the library, and obsessively typing more notes than is really necessary, I’m pretty sure that it’s safe to say that sometimes it really is acceptable to be nerdy. 

And by nerdy, I mean responsible. Those rare moments of wanting to get a little crazy “just because”, I stop and think about everything I have and want to accomplish in my life. Growing intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, whatever-ly is what I want to do. Even if that means spending my entire weekend in the library’s study cubbies.

That brings me to my next question: if I’m here often enough, do you think they will let me decorate my cubby? Hmm..