Thirty Thousand Feet In The Air…

It occurs to me as I sit on this Southwest Airlines plane that this could possiby one of the most perfect times to take a moment and whip out a blog post for all you beautiful people. So hello, yall!

I really dislike the extent to which TSA goes to ensure everyone’s safety, but at the same time.. I’m so very happy that they do. Mostly I’m saying this because my very own bag was scanned three times in the x-ray machine as well as being hand searched twice. Let me tell you… That’s kind of a scary situation to be in. I know they’re merely doing their jobs but that just stressed me out like no other. I could not for the life of me figure out what the heck I had left in my bag to cause such an extensive invasion of my belongings and I probably never will. Ah well, these things happen, don’t they?

I’ve also come to the conclusion that apparently people do not understand the concept of the “fasten your seatbelt” lit up sign and refuse to stay in their seats. I’m not even kidding, there were at least eight people crowding around the back of the plane waiting to use the facilities. Now I might be a little more willing to forgive if the plane wasn’t jostling me around like I’m riding a bull, but it was. The skies are not being friendly today. I focused intently on my search and finds in hopes of making it through the turbulence without any sort of panic taking over my body.

So why am I on this plane you ask? Well I’m headed off to Florida for my much needed vacation. First stop: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios! I could not possibly be more excited.. Except maybe if my crippled foot (from falling down the stairs) would magically heal and I would get to go crazy at Harry Potter World. Next stop is the cruise terminal. I’ll be MIA for approximately seven days as I cruise around the Caribbean Ocean visiting Haiti, Jamaica, and then finally Cozumel. Sexy beach tan, here I come!!! Hahaha yeah right, I’ll be lucky to not get burned.

I should probably go into a little more detail about the falling down the stairs comment. WELL, less than a week after moving into a two-story house (something my parents intentionally stayed away from for most of my life for the fact that I’m about as clumsy as they come as well as the fact that as a baby they lived in a two-story house and I regularly fell down AND up those stairs) …where was I? Oh yeah, not even five days after moving into the two story house, I fell down the stairs. It wasn’t anything worse than a bruised behind, but that was only the first time. The next day would literally alter the entire aspect of my vacation.

As I made my way down stairs with a bowl containing the egg white, coffee and honey face mask I had just finished usinng, I suddenly felt my foot slipping out from under me and immediately I realized that this wasn’t going to be good. The bowl goes flying, coating the new carpet in sticky facemask, and I make impact with the wall. My toes go one way and my foot goes the other. I won’t go into all the disturbing details but let’s just say that my toenail polish had chipped off and was sticking out of the wall as well as the fact that my toe had literally carved a huge chunk out of the drywall.


Needless to say I was hysterical from the amount of pain I was in and ended up going to get x-rays. There I found out that I was suffering from a bone contusion. Do yourself a favor and don’t Google that, take my word for it that it wasn’t pretty.

I think that’s all I have to share for now, my loves.